Host Committee Responsibilities

Below are Host Committee Responsibilities. We ask that all who bid to host EACYPAA have an understanding of what is involved in this process, as outlined below. Upon being awarded the convention, each bid committee travels home, sets a date for elections, and disbands. We recommend at least thirty days to outreach host committee elections. 

Updated March 24, 2017

1.  In selecting the dates of the convention weekend, the Host Committee members shall contact Area officers within the convention region and identify dates of state or other large Conventions. This information needs to be reviewed before making a decision about the date of the convention weekend.


2.  The Host Committee secretary shall send approved Host Committee meeting minutes and updated contact info on host committee to Advisory Council Secretary.


3.  The Advisory Treasurer and Host Committee Treasurer shall conduct monthly conference calls to discuss convention finances.  About ninety days before the convention, calls shall take place about every two weeks. Thirty days before the convention, calls shall take place weekly.


4.  The Host Committee will have 90 days from the conclusion of its Conference to forward a financial statement, all bank statements and check registers to the EACYPAA Advisory Council Treasurer. This should include a detailed report of the hotel bill, rooms sold, and a list of trade references.


5.  The Host Committee treasurer shall send monthly financial reports to Advisory Council chair and secretary and shall present a proposed budget to Advisory Council for approval within 60 days of being awarded the convention. The proposed budget should account for both the initial seed money repayment and the Advisory Council’s operating expenses for that year.


6.  The Host Committee Chair shall be responsible for submitting a final statement of revenue and expenses, a final tally of registrations, room nights (blocked and booked) and a final report of all costs associated with the convention and events within sixty days of the close of the convention.


7.  Ensure that the Host Committee is fully self-supporting, adhering to the Seventh Tradition of A.A. The Host Committee may make contributions of up to 25% of the excess proceeds from the convention to local 501c3 status service structure entities (Intergroups, Districts, Area Assemblies, etc.). Excess proceeds consist of all monies remaining after the host committee expenses and council operating expenses have been paid.


8.  Submit the proposed convention program and/or schedule of events (including but not limited to: speakers, meetings, workshops, panel topics, and entertainment) for review and approval by the Advisory Council prior to making any program commitments.


9.  The Host Committee must provide a permanent mailing address for the convention.


10. Three months prior to the convention the Host Committee is asked to send an announcement to the Grapevine and Box 459.


11. The Host Committee shall set up a website for the purpose of outreach and communications and coordinate with the Advisory Council’s Web Chair.


12. The Host Committee will strive in all activities to follow the Principles, Traditions, and Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous and the goals set forth in the Facts, Aims, and Purposes of EACYPAA.


At The Convention…


13.  The Host Committee is to provide a comfortable meeting facility for the Advisory Council, starting the day before registration begins and continuing for the duration ofthe convention. (Advisory Council will be spending a majority of the weekend in this room.) We ask that this room:

a. Be a conference room for approximately 20-25 persons;

b. Have a whiteboard; and

c. Internet/Wi-Fi service.


14.  The Host Committee will coordinate with the Advisory Council to schedule a meeting to be held prior to the convention for the election of new Advisory Council members from the Host Committee.


15.  A Bid Session should be scheduled on the Saturday of the Convention starting at or around 9:00 a.m. with no specific closing time. This room should seat 200 people and have a head table for 20 people, with a podium and a microphone.


16.  The Bid Session will be followed by the EACYPAA Forum. The Forum should be heldin the same room.


17.  Please leave time for Advisory Council to make announcements during the Friday and Saturday night meetings.


18.  A locking room, close to convention traffic, is needed for the EACYPAA Archives.